ADS Plastic Culvert

Varieties Available

  • 12" Plastic
  • 12" Concrete


   Culverts are available in double-walled plastic and concrete. Plastic culverts come in 20' lengths, with a bell on one end and gasket on the other so no additional band is needed to connect multiple culverts. Though a band is available if needed. Concrete Culverts are available in 3.5' lengths.

Varieties Available

12" Plastic Culvert

Double-walled ADS plastic. Smooth inside, corrugated outside.

Available in: 10' or 20' lengths


12" Plastic Coupler

A split coupler to join two pieces of culvert together.


12" Concrete Culvert

C-14 Class III NRCP Tongue & Groove

Available in: 3.5' lengths

ADS Plastic Culvert
ADS Plastic Culvert