Gator Rock Bond

Gator Rock Bond

Common Uses:

  • Edging
  • Pathways
  • Walkways
  • Flagstone Joints


   Mixed Gator Rock Bond with 100% washed and dried gravel creates a durable permeable and decorative surface. Great for garden pathways where erosion and drainage is a concern. It also reduces maintenance and clean-up and is durable in extreme conditions.

   1 gallon when mixed with 320 pounds of gravel covers approximately 80 square feet at 1/2" thick.



  1. Prepare a solid base by densely compacting 4” (10 cm) of crushed stones.
  2. Mix in a ratio of one container, 1 gal, of Gator Rock Bond with 320 lbs washed and dried gravel. Mix products automatically with a masonry mixer or you can manually mix on a sheet of plywood or in a wheel barrow.
  3. Trowel the mixed gravel on the surface desired, within 20 minutes after mixing.


Please Note:

For pedestrian use only.

Works above 60°F / 16°C.

Gravel must be washed and dried thoroughly for product to adhere.

Allow 24 hours to dry without rain.

All tools could be cleaned using Xylene or Acetone.

Gator Rock Bond
Gator Rock Bond