Whether it’s a walkway, pathway or driveway area that has acquired too much water and created a muddy spot, there is one common solution.  When mud claims an area on your property the first step is to assess the damage, decide how deep the mud goes before it hits solid ground again.

The best way to fix a muddy area is to put down a large clean crushed rock and then top that with something more suitable for your cause such as driving, walking, pushing a wheel barrow, etc.

To determine what size of clean crushed rock you need you will have to use that assessment of how deep your mud actually is.  You need to pick a size that will sink into that mud, hit solid ground and then begin to stack up on top of each other until you have a solid surface of large crushed rock that has buried the mud.  For example, if you have 4” of mud and you use 3/4” clean rock, it will sink into the mud and disappear.  It would take an atrocious amount of rock for it to be seen on top of the mud, if it ever does come up.  For mud 4” deep I would suggest a 2 1/2” - 1 1/2” Clean crushed rock.  It is big enough that it will start to stack up on top of each other before it is lost in the mud.

To top this larger crushed rock you may use a minus rock, which is popular for driveways. It has fines in it that get between the bigger rock and help it to pack down.  You may also use a smaller clean crushed rock which will not pack as well but tends to look nicer.  Take a look below for some popular choices for your application.  Plan on putting about 3” deep of the topping rock. 

Driveway: 3/4” Minus Crushed Rock (3/4” rock with fines down to 0” that help it to pack in tight, though this would also mean it won’t drain.)

Pathway/Walkway: 5/8” Clean Crushed Rock or ¾” Clean Crushed Rock (It doesn’t pack in as tight, it will tend to slightly shift while walking on it, although many people prefer it because it looks nicer than a minus rock. Also a good option because it drains.)

Extra Parking Area: May use a clean or a minus.  A clean rock will look nicer and will drain but may shift out from under the tires and may create ruts in the gravel. A minus rock will compact in really tight and create a nice driving surface but may not look as nice and will nit drain. It really depends on the amount of usage it gets.

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Last modified: 12/26/14