Rockery Rock Information

The following are guidelines only. You will want to keep in mind that every quarry sorts rock differently. Before ordering any large rock you will want to stop by our yard and physically look at the rock to ensure you get materials you can work with.


Size Information

Rock Weight Size
Half Man 10 - 50 pounds 8 - 12"
One Man 20 - 240 pounds 12 - 18"
Two Man 150 - 750 pounds 18 - 30"
Three Man 750 - 3500 pounds 24 - 36"
Four Man 3500 pounds and up 36" +

How much do you Need?

Use the formula below to figure out how much 1 man, 2 man, or 3 man rock is needed for your rock wall.


Length x Height / Yield = Tons Needed

Size Rock Yield
Half Man 21 SF per ton
One Man 15 SF per ton
Two Man 12 SF per ton
Three Man 9 SF per ton

Size Recommendations

   The following are general recommendations only and may not be applicable for all sites. Consult a professional regarding your site design to ensure project success.

   Half-Man: Used on walls under 16" high. We do not carry this size, though you can hand pick out the smaller pieces from the one man pile.

   One-Man: Used for rock walls from 16" to 3'. This is the most popular size.

   For 3-foot and higher walls, you should consider using some two-man rock on the bottom of the wall and building up to the one man rock. The taller the wall, the more larger rock you should use. Large rock on the bottom adds stability to the wall.


Need help with installation...

Check out the how-to article below.

Rock Weight
Half Man 10 - 50 pounds
One Man 20 - 240 pounds
Two Man 150 - 750 pounds
Three Man 750 - 3500 pounds
Four Man 3500 pounds and up