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Cubic Yard Calculator

Use the calculator below to figure how many yards you need of soils, barks, composts and gravels.

(Inches or Feet)
Specify Inches or Feet for Depth
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Cubic Yards Needed

Printable One-Yard Cheat Sheet

Use the coverage chart below as a handy reference tool for figuring cubic yards. Click on the image to open the pdf file and print for quick reference.

Onc Cubic Yard Covers

Rockery Rock Formula

Use the formula below to figure out how much 1 man, 2 man, or 3 man rock is needed for your rock wall.


Length x Height / Yield = Tons Needed

Size Rock Yield
One Man 15 SF per ton
Two Man 12 SF per ton
Three Man 9 SF per ton
Onc Cubic Yard Covers
Onc Cubic Yard Covers