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First Time at Morrison Gravel?

First time visit to Morrison Gravel? Not sure where to go? How to get loaded? You've come to the right place! Read on for everything you'll need to know to be prepared to come check things out or pick up a load.


   Please be aware that our material yard here at Morrison is an active work site. There is heavy machinery, large dump trucks, and other customers driving around. Be sure you keep a close eye out for moving vehicles, both when in your vehicle and out.


   There is a lot of mud or dust, especially mid-summer and mid-winter. You want to make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather. Most of our materials are outside and to make the best decision you’ll need to walk around the yard. Children and dogs are welcome, please make sure they are always under your direct control.

   When you drive into the gate at the yard, you’ll come down the hill and see our office building in front of you.


First, you’ll need to decide if you’re coming into the office or driving onto the scale.



   You’ll want to come to the office if you would like to talk about a project, get help picking a product, or place a delivery order. In this case, you’ll park in front of the office in the designated spots marked by parking curbs and walk up the gravel walkway into the office.

~ OR ~


   If you’re picking up any material, you’ll need to weigh in first. You’ll drive just to the right of the building, onto the weigh scale, marked by the long orange metal bars. Stop at the window and talk to the sales associate. They’ll get you weighed in and then instruct you where you’ll need to go. Be sure to let them know if it’s your first time and you need further instruction, we’re here to help!

   Next, you’ll want to park just past the bin of material that you’re wanting, leaving enough space that a large front-end loader can still access the material bin. We’ll radio and tell the loader the kind of material, so they’ll already know. The loader will often approach you and speak to you to double check the amount of material you’re wanting. If you’d like to step out of your vehicle, be sure to stay back by your cab, and always stay clear of the bed or trailer as they are loading. As you are being loaded, if you decide there is enough material in your vehicle, you can always signal to the loader “that’s enough” by making eye contact and then giving them a thumbs up.

   Once you’re loaded, you’ll drive back onto the scale to weigh out the same direction you weighed in, this usually means going in a big circle. The associate at the window will instruct you if you need to pull further ahead if you have a trailer. If you have a trailer, once you’ve gotten the thumbs up at weigh out you can either back up to the window if it’s safe and you’re comfortable, step out of your vehicle onto the scale deck and walk to the person at the window, or pull around to the customer parking out front and walk into the office. We’ll get you all checked out and then you’ll be on your way.


Don’t forget to secure your load

After leaving the scale again you can pull off to the side somewhere in the yard if you need to strap and secure your load. We don’t have any tarps, plastic, ropes, etc. available so you’ll need to bring your own.


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