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Patching Your Lawn

Is your lawn in good condition but has a few areas that need patched?


Repairing dead patches in your lawn is recommended to be done in late August or early September.

  1. To repair a patch of grass you will begin by shoveling out the old sod. Helpful Hint: squaring off the patch area then shoveling will make for a nicer looking patch.
  2. Rough up the soil 3 to 4 inches deep. The soil will need to be loose for successful patching. Rake out the loose soil to get all rocks and sticks out.
  3. Bring in some new topsoil like Morrison Gravel's Premium Lawn Blend to bring your soil up to grade and to mix into the previous soil for added nutrients.

You can then proceed to patch the area with grass seed or sod.


If using sod:

Remember that your soil level should be 1/2 to 3/4 inch below grade. Cut a piece to the size of the patch and lay it on the soil, then finish trimming it to the correct size. Now press the area with the back of a rake and water thoroughly.


For Grass Seed:

Simply sprinkle it over the prepared area. Be sure to follow the directions on your seed, then water the area sparingly.


Final Step:

 Apply a starter fertilizer to the patched area and water again. Keep the patch moist until the area begins to root.

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