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Techniseal Paver Cleaners

Techniseal Paver Prep

Varieties Available

  • Paver Prep
  • Paver Restorer
  • Slurry Remover


   Techniseal's line of paver cleaners is there to tackle tough jobs. With three varieties available to clean efflorescence, caked-on dirt, concrete slurry and more you'll be sure to have your patio looking like new again.

Varieties Available

Techniseal Paver Prep

Techniseal Paver PrepTechniseal Paver Prep is specially formulated to dissolve efflorescence (whitish salt) and remove ground-in dirt (traffic marks, etc.) on pavers, slabs and retaining walls made of concrete. Containing no hydrochloric (muriatic) acid, it works deep without discoloring or damaging the surface. It brightens up colors, cleans evenly and enables protectors to better penetrate the surface of the material.



Techniseal Paver Restorer

Techniseal Paver RestorerTechniseal Paver Restorer removes the haze left after grout and masonry work on tiles and pavers made of concrete or clay. It works efficiently without discoloring or damaging the surface. Unlike muriatic acid, Techniseal Paver Restorer releases very little odor and is environmentally friendly.



Techniseal Slurry Remover

Techniseal Slurry RemoverTechniseal Slurry Remover for pavers and slabs is the most effective product available for removing cement slurry and polymeric sand haze on concrete or clay pavers and slabs.

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Techniseal Paver Prep
Techniseal Paver Prep