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Plan Your Project

Start planning your landscape project today and follow these steps to ensure it is a success!

  1. Begin by assessing the area to be created or improved.
  2. Decide what you want: privacy, attractiveness, low maintenance, curb appeal, etc.
  3. Be sure to locate any underground or overhead pipes or wires that may interfere with your design.
  4. Take measurements of the area and draw a map to scale on graph paper, breaking the area into smaller sections if necessary to measure.
  5. Use tracing paper to try a couple different options for arrangement.
  6. Gather ideas. Visit websites, look at others' yards, browse through books and magazines and browse our photo gallery for inspiration.
  7. Get pricing information from local stores, rock yards, landscape suppliers and nurseries.
  8. Draw up a final plan and get to work!


Don't forget you can always ask your informative salesperson at Morrison Gravel for any advice or with any questions. We are your one stop shop from the planning phase to the completions of all your landscape projects.


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