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SRW Solvent-Based Adhesive

StructureBond Hardscape Adhesive

Common Uses

  • Wall Caps
  • Fire Pits
  • Permanent Installations


   SRW Adhesive is a superior strength solvent-based adhesive that has proven it's strength and reliability for over 30 years. It works on wet or frozen surfaces, in high or low temperatures and creates a permanent bond. There's not much this adhesive can't do. And it fits in a standard caulkin gun either 10 ounce or 28 ounce, so no special equipment required.

   Common Applications: Retaining Walls, Pavers, Blocks, Firepits, Concrete, Metals, Wood, Natural Stone

   Coverage: 10-ounce: 1/4" bead = 32 feet & 3/8" bead = 14 feet

                    28-ounce: 1/4" bead = 89 feet & 3/8" bead = 35 feet



1. Surfaces must be clean and free from oil, grease, excessive water, ice or any other material that may interfere with proper adhesion.


2. Cut tip on slant for 1/4˝ to 3/8˝ bead. Puncture inner seal with nail or wire and place in cartridge gun.


3. Apply adhesive to one of the surfaces in a continuous bead. Follow application guidelines below.


4. Apply no more adhesive than you can cover in 10 minutes.


5. Press surfaces together firmly. For faster curing, lift top product and immediately reposition (flash).


6. Vertical applications require permanent horizontal support.


StructureBond Hardscape Adhesive
StructureBond Hardscape Adhesive