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Morrison Gravel

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Staples & Spikes

Paver Edging Spikes

Common Uses

  • Fabric Staking
  • Edging Staking

Varieties Available

Fabric Staples - 6"

Hold your fabrics, geogrid and erosion control products in place. Staples feature pointed tips for easy installation.


Paver Spikes - 10"

Durable control great for holding edging in place on curves or pounding into hard compacted ground.




  1. Read product label thoroughly for installation instructions.
  2. If extreme conditions exist, consult an engineer for site specific recommendations.
  3. Start by preparing the project site. Clear sharp and large rocks that could puncture the fabric during installation.
  4. Unroll fabric and cut to desired length. Pull taut. If needed, anchor with fabric staples.
  5. Cover
Paver Edging Spikes
Paver Edging Spikes